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Jingle Bells Bookish Mug (Explicit)

Jingle Bells Bookish Mug (Explicit)

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Did I create two version of this and decide to go with the more explicit one? You bet your ass I did. 

This is a great mug for those book lovers to show off their true feelings this holiday season while not giving anyone a heart attack - until they read closely that is.

Listen, I'm all here for the holidays and spending time with family and friends.... BUT like many of you, my social battery wears out quite quickly and I really just want to visit the bookstore and read my funny, little books. ALONE, read them alone - let's be clear on that as well.

I hope you can find some time during your holiday season to use this mug for a steaming cup of coffee, tea, eggnog, apple cinnamon hot toddy - you name it. But most importantly, is that you fill this mug, grab your book, go to your room, lock the door (don't forget this important step), and enjoy an hour or two reading your next book. 

  • 13 oz. mug 

Front of Mug

Dashing through the snow
on the way to a bookstore
o'er the ice we go
to be a good book whore

Back of Mug

Bells on the door ring
bookish spirits bright
what fun it is to read
and ignore my plans tonight

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