Subscription Box Ambassador Info

Subscription Box Ambassadors - 3 Month Commitment

JANUARY-MARCH 2024 AMBASSADORS CHOSEN! Feel free to still apply and be on the list for future programs that I do!

Rules…. Ugh, yes we gotta have them 

  • Must have > 1,000 followers
  • If you have a private account, you must allow me to follow you as part of the application process
  • Must post 3 times per month during program (can be post, stories, or reels)
    • I ask that you try to spread out your posts during the month and not do them all at once. Not technically a rule, but I may reach out to you if you continuously do all three in the same day.
  • Must commit to promoting Turning Pages Book Box for 3 months
  • Every post must have @turningpagesbookbox tagged in it - CRUCIAL

The Fun Part - What You Get!

  • Free Monthly boxes ahead of month they will be sent out. You will be given these a month in advance to promote as a sneak peak to followers
  • Unique code to share with your followers for $10 OFF the first box in a subscription box sign-up (ex. MADDIE10) - cannot be used for general merch - only subscriptions
  • $7 paid to you per use of your personal code - yes you read that right! On top of the free merch, YOU GET PAID!

The Nitty Gritty 

  • You will be treated as an Independent Contractor for tax purposes.You must fill out a W-9 form if you are accepted as an ambassador.
  • If you earn more than $600, a 1099 Form will be processed and sent to you.
  • Payment will be given as venmo or a check in the mail
  • If you fail to follow the rules, I will drop you as an ambassador and withhold payment. Sorry, not sorry.


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