Monthly Genre Schedule


Each month of Turning Pages Book Boxes will feature a book from a different genre!

"But Maddie, I love my murder mysteries and want to stick to them...." Well that's too damn bad - mwahahaha. 

For real though, I am of the mindset that you should read whatever you want, BUT also challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone. How do you know if you don't like something if you never try it?? And what's one book a month to try out something new?

OR if you really know that you don't want to read one of the genres, you have the option to skip that month during your subscription and wait for the next one. I can't be that much of a hardass ;)  The only caveat to this system is that you DO NOT have the option to skip on your first month's box (remember when I said I can't code anything, this is where that comes into play). For example, if you subscribe to a 3 month subscription at the end of February, you will automatically receive March's box. From then you will have the option to skip. Sorry about this! You've got a one woman show here that wishes she knew enough about coding to change the system, but for the time being - it issss what it issss.

Are the other products in the box going to be related to the book?

Yes and no. For the most part, the items in the box will be book-related (bookmarks, book bags, mugs, etc.), but not necessarily tied to that month's genre. Some may overlap in the theme, but in general the items will just be "bookish" and not specific to the book/genre. For example, in October with the book being horror-related, I might include bookmarks or stickers that have ghosts or skeletons to fit the halloween vibes, but not necessarily to match the book. Does that make sense?? I sure hope so.