Pricing Info

The real, sometimes hard, truth - 

This box is not cheap and I don’t intend it to be. You are supporting other small businesses that are doing the same grind I am attempting to. I care to support others who make unique products that cannot be found in big box stores. But yes, this means that prices are going to be quite a bit higher than your typical shit from Amazon (did I say that out loud? Oops!).

Making the conscious decision to support small creators, artists, and businesses is a core part of my beliefs and, therefore, is also part of my business. Not only are you supporting my small business (aka me), you are spreading the love to people who are making bookmarks, candles, mugs, and other badass products out of their basements. We are all just out here trying to make a living doing what we love and I think that is worth the extra cost. I hope you do as well :)

AND, shipping is included into the price of every box as I absolutely hate when you get to checkout and realize you are going to be paying an additional $15 in shipping. In my opinion, it is the bane of internet shopping. So enjoy free shipping (aka splitting the cost with me in the box price).