Puzzles and games and prizes and cool shit

I’m trying to channel my inner T-Swizzle and add a little bit of puzzle fun to my boxes. For real though, I love a good mystery and want to see which of you is the best detective around! 

Each month, there will be a puzzle in each box that I have personally created. All puzzles for the 12 months of 2024 are connected and linked to one answer. Now you may be asking, well what are we trying to guess? That’s part of the fun, you won’t know other than the fact that it is personal to me! It could be something special in my life, a favorite character of mine from a movie, a trip I took when I was 6, or the name of my third cousin twice removed - haha ok maybe not that, but you get the idea. Have I excluded my family members from participating in these? YOU BET! Trying to keep the game fair here folks. Sorry fam!

Each month’s puzzle will get you closer and closer to figuring it out. BUT here’s the catch - if you skip a month, you lose out on that puzzle. No puzzles will be revealed until December 2024. 

What’s in it for me?

Now you're like, that’s cool and all, but what do I get if I win? If you are the first person to email me the correct answer, YOU WILL WIN A ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO MY BOXES! 

The Other Winners (yes, there's more!)
If you are like me and think you could probably solve it quickly, but not necessarily be THE quickest one, there's hope for you still! The first 50 PEOPLE to solve the year long puzzle will receive a FREE BEANIE in their first box of 2025. *The only caveat with this is that you must have a book box subscription that goes into 2025 in order to receive the beanie.*


How do I win?

You must be the FIRST person to tell me the correct answer to the year-long puzzle. By the end of the year, I expect most people will have the correct answer, but this is a game of speed and wit. You have to be the one (or at least one of the first 50 people) to solve the puzzle the fastest to win a prize.

How do I submit an answer?

Simply send me an email to hello@turningpagesbookbox.com. You have the ability to guess one answer each month and it must come from the email you are subscribed to a box with. If you send me more than one answer in the same month, I will only take your first submission. 

Note: your monthly answer submission should *not* be the answer(s) to the monthly puzzles. It should ONLY be your guess for the year long mystery.

When will the winner be announced?

The grand prize winner and other winners will be announced in December 2024.  The grand prize winner will be publicly announced via social media and a personal email. The other winners will only be announced via a personal email. 

I will not be contacting any winners until December 2024. I want everyone to have a chance to play the game and keep it a surprise until the end of the year :)

Channel your personal Olivia Benson and get your ass to work!